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    Combine hardware-like, guaranteed high performance of FPGAs with the software-like programmability. SDN promises fulfilled.

    P4 is a high-level language for programming protocol-independent packet processing. It was defined in order to enable easy programmability of network data plane processing. We present a new concept of Firmware as a Service that allows generation of FPGA firmware based on P4 description through a user-friendly web interface called Netcope P4. We provide a web interface to input P4 sources and download firmware bitstreams. Packet header parsing, table lookup and packet modification – all fully programmable and running at 100 Gbps.
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  • Achieve unprecedented latencies and performance with our FPGA technology. Without detailed knowledge of hardware design.

    In today's highly competitive trading world, lowering your latency by those extra couple of hundreds//hundredths??? of nanoseconds can significantly increase your hit rate and boost your profits. FPGA technology offers spectacular performance and determinism, but it also requires more time and resources to program than software. With our Tradecope solution, you do not need a hardware designer to benefit from FPGA power. Just write your decision-making logic in C/C++ and run it on hardware with ultra-low latency.
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    Process all incoming network traffic within the FPGA chip at wire speed with full throughput to the software. Sustainably.

    We introduced the world's first FPGA adapter supporting 100G Ethernet technology in 2014. In 2017 we stepped up our game with a 200 Gbps adapter. Its unique features allow it to process all incoming network traffic within the FPGA chip at wire speed and transfer more than 200G of user data over PCI Express to the software with zero packet loss. In addition, our support of the P4 language represents a paradigm shift in the flexibility of FPGA technology, unlocking its performance and programmability for those who do not have command of hardware description languages.
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  • Capture and process all the traffic in your network

    Our FPGA-based packet capture solution enables wire-speed, low-latency packet processing and zero-loss data transfers to the software while maintaining low processor loads. According to the Software Defined Networking concept, the powerful Xilinx Virtex FPGA chip enables packet sampling, packet filtering and traffic distribution over multiple CPU cores based on specified parameters without any impact on performance. Boost your network traffic monitoring and processing capabilities and never experience packet loss again.
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Economy of Firmware as a Service

Economy of Firmware as a Service

Thanks to P4 language, FPGA programming becomes a service that can be handled by a third party.

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Member Spotlight: Netcope

Member Spotlight: Netcope

Netcope's CTO Viktor Puš explains details of valuable membership among Netcope Technologies and P4 Language Consortium. Read the whole interview.

Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) | San Jose 24/01/19

Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) | San Jose

We are pleased to invite you to join NGCO event. The newest achievements in telco network virtualization including P4 programmable acceleration cards will be presented. Don’t miss this chance to find out more!

QCT, 1010 Rincon Cir, San Jose, CA 95131

Who we are

Netcope Technologies is a leading provider of P4 programmable acceleration for FPGA based high-performance network solutions. We excel in packet capture and processing technologies along with low-latency trading solutions.
Our visionary concept of Firmware-as-a-Service enables easy programmability of smart network adapters using P4 language without expert knowledge of FPGA chips. Netcope P4 has become the Netcope Technologies’ flagship and it’s a unique way of putting the power of hardware acceleration to the hands of network architects, building SDN and NFV networks of tomorrow. We embrace open source through contributions
and membership in P4, DPDK and ONF projects as well as hardware neutrality by working with both major FPGA vendors - Intel and Xilinx.

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Netcope Success Stories


NSF-100G2-Picomass-Netcope Network Traffic Monitoring

Picomass uses Netcope Session Filter in the IPS200 DPI solution because NSF is capable of offloading traffic to hardware. This makes real-time DPI on 100G networks possible.

Flowmon Networks

Flowmon Networks Network Traffic Monitoring

Flowmon Networks aims to develop a new generation of NetFlow/IPFIX probes that can monitor and process traffic of 100GE high-speed networks. Because of that, Flowmon Networks needs to find a network card that would be able of handling 100 GE monitoring requirements.

Our partners

Intel Sarsen TechnologyP4 ConsortiumXilinx2550100 AllianceCesnetHanvit SIMetamakoPCI-SIGRedhatVUT BrnoPicomassServants InternationalFlextronicsFlowmon Networks