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    Achieve unprecedented latencies and performance with our FPGA technology. Without detailed knowledge of hardware design.

    In today's highly competitive trading world, lowering your latency by those extra couple of hundreds of nanoseconds can significantly increase your hit rate and boost your profits. FPGA technology offers spectacular performance and determinism, but it also requires more time and resources to program than software. With our Tradecope solution, you do not need a hardware designer to benefit from FPGA power. Just write your decision-making logic in C/C++ and run it on hardware with ultra-low latency.

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    How to get started with Tradecope

    Did you know that you can test FPGA performance and API integration entirely in software, without purchasing the actual hardware?

    Starting with FPGA can be expensive and challenging to wrap your head around it. That’s why we made it possible to test our FPGA solution easily in software without a significant commitment or cost.

    The software model which we have developed implements the full FPGA processing pipeline in C or C++ language and it uses the same API as real hardware. It allows you to test the strategy with PCAP data or even with real exchange access. Furthermore, our software enables you to determine the exact latency of your strategy in the FPGA card without the actual card. This is ideal for rapid testing and getting familiar with Tradecope. 

    Check the video explaining a process of evaluating and getting started with the Tradecope. Michal Honek explains important parts included in the first steps of the Tradecope starting process.
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    Acceleration of trading algorithms | white paper

    Read our whitepaper describing acceleration of High-Frequency Trading algorithms accessible for FPGA newcomers as well as for pros. The power of the FPGA and Vivado HLS tool in the HFT domain is illustrated on the acceleration of well-known decision factor - microprice in clear step-by-step form. Check our whitepaper, and learn more about Tradecope.​
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    U.S. based trading firm has deployed the Tradecope solution to increase the hit rate of their trading strategy. The FPGA-based solution further removes latency from trading systems by implementing the whole tick-to-trade pipeline in the FPGA. This allows you to reach latency below 300ns even without FPGA experience! Read more in the success story.​




Adding new exchanges into our offering for our clients is key. That’s why we are delighted to announce that we have started supporting Borsa Istanbul exchange.



Our will and effort to develop new features and move things forward are endless. It's an ongoing process of supporting our clients and coming up with new ideas to get them where they want to be. W...

Tradecope Deployment Case Study

Tradecope Deployment Case Study

Our client has successfully deployed Netcope's FPGA platform even with no previous experience with this technology. Their latency was reduced to nanoseconds from microseconds, enabling them to ente...

Tradecope now supports Cisco V5P Nexus SmartNIC

Tradecope now supports Cisco V5P Nexus SmartNIC

We are happy to say that we have launched the support of Cisco V5P Nexus SmartNIC boards. V5P is an FPGA-based network application card specifically optimized for low-latency.


Who we are

Netcope Technologies with the Tradecope solution is pioneering the usage of FPGA technology in trading. Tradecope lowers the latency of trading systems by implementing the whole tick-to-trade pipeline in the FPGA. Moreover, Tradecope’s concept enables easy programmability of the trading strategies in hardware using C/C++ language without the need of being an FPGA expert. Netcope is dedicated to being an established and
well-recognized technology partner and aims to deliver the fastest and the most accessible IP in the hardware-accelerated low-latency and high-frequency trading.

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Netcope Success Stories

Tradecope Deployment Case Study

Tradecope Deployment Case Study Tradecope | low-latency trading

Follow the link and download our latest case study. We talk about what it takes to put your hands on the platform and where the achieved improvement can take you.

U.S. trading firm deploys Tradecope

U.S. trading firm deploys Tradecope Tradecope | low-latency trading

For successful trading on electronic exchanges today, it is not enough to come up with the smartest strategy anymore. Learn more about how U.S trading firm deployed FPGA-based Tradecope solution to increase hit rate of the trading strategy.

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