• Achieve unprecedented latencies and performance with our FPGA technology. Without detailed knowledge of hardware design.

    In today's highly competitive trading world, lowering your latency by those extra couple of hundreds of nanoseconds can significantly increase your hit rate and boost your profits. FPGA technology offers spectacular performance and determinism, but it also requires more time and resources to program than software. With our Tradecope solution, you do not need a hardware designer to benefit from FPGA power. Just write your decision-making logic in C/C++ and run it on hardware with ultra-low latency.
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    Combine hardware-like, guaranteed high performance of FPGAs with the software-like programmability. SDN promises fulfilled.

    P4 is a high-level language for programming protocol-independent packet processing. It was defined in order to enable easy programmability of network data plane processing. We present a new concept of Firmware as a Service that allows generation of FPGA firmware based on P4 description through a user-friendly web interface called Netcope P4. We provide a web interface to input P4 sources and download firmware bitstreams. Packet header parsing, table lookup and packet modification – all fully programmable and running at 100 Gbps.
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    Accelerating 5G and mobile networks.

    Most people associate 5G and mobile networks with the speed of data service they get in their smartphones and other connected devices. In order to deliver these evergrowing data streams, the service providers’ infrastructures need to scale and innovate. The growing demands push the network infrastructure closer to the user, to the edge where opposing requirements of low latency, high-bandwidth, programmability, limited real estate and power budget need to be balanced. Many network functions are now being deployed as virtualized, running on NFV servers.
    A typical example is a gateway function that is responsible for authentication of users, policy enforcement, traffic shaping, billing and so on. That requires significant packet processing performance of the NFV server. To learn how to best improve the packet processing performance of NFV servers please read a whitepaper released jointly by Intel and Netcope.

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    Accelerating data center networks.

    Data centers have become the modern “banks” where users “deposit” their stories in the form of texts, photos, videos. Relying heavily on the economy of scale, data centers are built on commodity servers. It is common that multiple tenants are hosted on a single physical server. Moreover, complex applications very often require multiple virtual machines or containers to implement the desired functionality. That leads to a distributed architecture where virtual machines or containers are connected by the network and it is up to the servers to manage the network data delivery to the right virtual tenant. This is known as virtual switching as the switching functionality is implemented in the software. To learn more about accelerating data center servers and virtual switching read the whitepaper on Segment Routing acceleration (SRv6)
    co-authored by Intel and Netcope. 



white paper | Acceleration of trading algorithms with Tradecope

white paper | Acceleration of trading algorithms with Tra...

In the field of Ultra-low latency or High-frequency trading (HFT), primary focus is on the execution speed of trading algorithms. Therefore, FPGA providing much faster accelerated execution than CP...

Tradecope arrived at NSE exchange

Tradecope arrived at NSE exchange

The National Stock Exchange of India has been growing fast and now it is the world's largest derivatives market place, notched up 6 billion contracts traded volume in 2019.

Tradecope | The Latest Successes

Tradecope | The Latest Successes

Take a look at what Tradecope guys have been up to, we are moving forward! Reach us if you want to know more.

Netcope and Nagase working together

Netcope and Nagase working together

We are excited about our cooperation with Nagase. Combining ease of use of P4 for FPGAs with very efficient lookup engines makes packet processing in FPGAs easier and more effective than ever befor...


Who we are

Netcope Technologies is a leading provider of P4 programmable acceleration for FPGA based high-performance network solutions. We excel in packet capture and processing technologies along with low-latency trading solutions.
Our visionary concept of Firmware-as-a-Service enables easy programmability of smart network adapters using P4 language without expert knowledge of FPGA chips. Netcope P4 has become the Netcope Technologies’ flagship and it’s a unique way of putting the power of hardware acceleration to the hands of network architects, building SDN and NFV networks of tomorrow. We embrace open source through contributions
and membership in P4, DPDK and ONF projects as well as hardware neutrality by working with both major FPGA vendors - Intel and Xilinx.

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Netcope Success Stories

Flowmon Networks

Flowmon Networks Network Traffic Monitoring

Flowmon Networks aims to develop a new generation of NetFlow/IPFIX probes that can monitor and process traffic of 100GE high-speed networks. Because of that, Flowmon Networks needs to find a network card that would be able of handling 100 GE monitoring requirements.

U.S. trading firm deploys Tradecope

U.S. trading firm deploys Tradecope Electronic Stock Trading

For successful trading on electronic exchanges today, it is not enough to come up with the smartest strategy anymore. Learn more about how U.S trading firm deployed FPGA-based Tradecope solution to increase hit rate of the trading strategy.

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