Netcope Technologies with the Tradecope solution is pioneering the usage of FPGA technology in trading. Tradecope lowers the latency of trading systems by implementing the whole tick-to-trade pipeline in the FPGA. Moreover, Tradecope’s concept enables easy programmability of the trading strategies in hardware using C/C++ language without the need of being an FPGA expert. Netcope is dedicated to being an established and
well-recognized technology partner and aims to deliver the fastest and the most accessible IP in the hardware-accelerated low-latency and high-frequency trading.


Company milestones

  • 2012  Tradecope product development initiated
  • 2014  Tradecope comes to the market
  • 2015  Live on 4 exchanges
  • 2016  1 μs latency breached
  • 2017  Eurex exchange support
  • 2018  500 ns latency breached
  • 2019  NSE exchange suppor  
  • 2020  100 ns reached, new HW platform, new exchanges

Our partners

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