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Netcope Technologies is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-performance network solutions. For our growing company we are looking for enthusiastic people with a passion for technology and innovations. If you would like to drive your career and make a difference through your work, join our team.

Junior FPGA Developer

Zajímáš se o vývoj moderních řešení nad technologií FPGA? Do naší kanceláře hledáme nového kolegu.

Business Development Manager

Chceš rozvinout své komunikační, obchodní a technické předpoklady a vypracovat se na zajímavou pozici v české IT firmě expandující do zahraničí? Máš rád výzvy a láká Tě profesní růst?

Netcope Technologies excels in packet capture and
packet processing technologies and low-latency trading
solutions. Our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art solutions
for high-speed and low-latency networks. Our portfolio covers
the whole field of products for the hardware acceleration
of network traffic processing using FPGA technology. These
products are ideal for all OEM vendors, R&D customers and
end customers to develop and deploy hardware-accelerated
solutions. Learn more.

If you are interested in any of the positions above, please send your CV to:

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