Netcope DPDK Support Packages


In order to make Netcope products work with DPDK, you need to download the following packages.

Download the Netcope DPDK ZIP archive, which contains Netcope Common Light and Netcope Common DPDK-NDP installation packages.

To install Netcope DPDK Support Packages:

  1. Extract ZIP archive with installation packages (unzip
  2. Install Netcope Common Light Package (yum install ./netcope-common-light-<VERSION>.rpm)
  3. Install Netcope Common DPDK Package (yum install ./netcope-common-dpdk-<VERSION>.rpm)
  4. Download DPDK from and unpack it
  5. Allow building SZEDATA PMD in the configuration (modify file config/common_base and set value CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_PMD_SZEDATA2=y)
  6. Set proper value CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_SZEDATA2_AS (see DPDK SZEDATA2 PMD documentation).
  7. Build DPDK.

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