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NFV & Zero Touch World Congress 26/04/18

NFV & Zero Touch World Congress

Principal conference for network transformation in USA. New Network & Services Automation with NFV+SDN

San Jose, USA
GISEC 03/05/18


The foremost cyber security conference in Asia, the Middle East and Africa

Dubai, UAE
The Trading Show Chicago 09/05/18

The Trading Show Chicago

If you want to do business with the CTO of an automated trading firm, the head of quantitative analysis of a leading bank, the head of a global exchange, the global head of derivatives from a leading fund manager or t...

Chicago, IL
ISS World Europe 05/06/18

ISS World Europe

ISS World Europe is the world's largest gathering of Regional Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts as well as Telecom Operators responsible for Cyber Defense, Electronic Surveillance and Networ...

Prague, CZ
Interop Tokyo 15/06/18

Interop Tokyo

The latest ICT technology and felt from both sides of the solution, users and business leaders place of encounter.

Tokyo, JP
1st P4 European Workshop (P4EU) 24/09/18

1st P4 European Workshop (P4EU)

P4EU 2018 is the first P4 European event. It aims to bring together P4 and P4->NetFPGA researchers from Europe and from around the world, and to foster the growth of the P4 Community.

Cambridge, UK

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