ONF Connect 2019 | Santa Clara

Viktor Puš will represent us at ONF Connect event. Our proposed talk "vBNG dataplane in P4-programmable FPGA-based acceleration card" was picked to present how to improve performance parameters of applications with P4 programmability and FPGA SmartNICs.

Running vBNG as the workload of compute nodes is one of the proposed options for the SEBA Exemplar Platform. This talk will explore what options are there to improve performance parameters of such application with P4 programmability and FPGA SmartNICs. Deutsche Telecom’s open source P4 implementation of BNG pipeline will be used as a reference to provide results and suggest improvements. Non-P4 features such as QoS will be addressed as well in order to emphasize the need for P4 language evolution and interoperability.

Network architects and product engineers will learn details about the possibility to use open standard P4 language to build high performance yet flexible vBNG. The talk will be framed by SEBA and DT’s open source P4 BNG code so that it’s aligned with major current ONF’s topics.