API for Configuration of P4 Pipeline


P4 enables reconfiguration of firmware without physical intervention. This, however, means that the API has to change as well. Read the detailed description on our P4 to FPGA compiler that generates API on demand.

Abstract: The P4 programming language is a game changer in the networking industry. It is an abstract language that enables reconfiguration of network components on demand, without the need of physical intervention in the network architecture. In Netcope’s case it means that we can customize functionality of our hardware network accelerators (FPGA network interface cards) in software-like way. This means that API to control the accelerator needs to change as well. We use Linux Device Tree to incorporate custom API generation within our P4 to FPGA compiler. Read more in the detailed technical description.

Download the detailed description here.

Learn more about P4 from our product page or from the following video: