DPDK interface supported by Netcope FPGA cards


Netcope Technologies, formerly Invea-Tech, now supports Intel DPDK interface in their FPGA-based network interface cards at wirespeed.

DPDK has become one of the most widespread standards for handling high-speed network traffic in computer servers making it the right candidate for use with our FPGA cards. As the only vendor providing a solution with sustainable 100Gbps transfers between a network interface card and a host server over PCI Express bus, we enable our customers to deploy applications based on DPDK on 100G, 40G, and 10G networks with zero packet loss at all packet lengths. You can see the results in the report of performance measurements conducted by CESNET.

To sum up the benefits

  • support of Intel DPDK interface on INVEA-TECH FPGA cards

  • DPDK-based applications can be deployed with no effort

  • support of 100G, 40G and 10G Ethernet technologies

  • sustainable 100Gbps throughput to SW