FPGA in the trading world and journey to ultra-low latency


The conversation with Milan Dvorak, CEO of Netcope Technologies

Listen to the conversation with Simon Maelzer and CEO of Netcope technologies Milan Dvorak which was conducted during the Trading show Europe held by Terrapin. 

Milan is describing the current state of FPGAs in the trading world and he is also pointing out the main challenges on the journey to ultra-low latency.

Why should you listen to this conversation? 

  • You will find out how difficult and expensive is it to start an FPGA project.

  • What are the main advantages and challenges of using FPGA?

  • Are there any drawbacks of using C/C++ to program FPGAs and how to overcome them? 

  • How do we see the future of FPGA technology in terms of latencies and flexibility?

  • And much more. 

If we piqued your interest and you would like to elaborate on some points which have been mentioned let us know.  We would be happy to dive into details and furthermore help you start your FPGA project.