Meet NFB-200G2QL, new 200G Programmable Smart NIC


Netcope scales to 200G with the new low profile NIC equipped with Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA chip.

We recognise that 100G speed of networks is more and more common, so we came up with a device that has 200 Gbps full duplex throughput at both sides - Ethernet and PCI Express. The new NFB-200G2QL is a smart network interface card (smart NIC) ready to send packets to software at 200 Gbps speed.

We have unlocked the card’s capability of sending packets to software at line rate of 200 Gbps with zero packet loss by using the latest Xilinx FPGA chip Virtex UltraScale+. The card’s firmware can also effectively distribute traffic to two CPUs in dual-CPU system, bypassing QPI often considered as a bottleneck. The card connects to one or two gen3 x16 PCI-E slots and doesn’t require additional power cables. Last but not least, it comes in a low profile design, so it fits into smaller servers.

This dramatic improvement of bandwidth and processing power on the hardware part of Netcope’s solution, which is packet processing acceleration on the fastest network, is great news for OEM manufacturers of security solutions, communication service providers, pioneers of the NFV industry or even traders on electronic exchanges. The TCO of the final product can now be reduced substantially, as the new card can process even more traffic before it is forwarded to CPU. Furthermore, only one card is needed for lossless monitoring of both directions of a 100GE line, pushing the TCO even lower.

The new low profile card leverages higher density of computing resources and thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies it reduces overall power consumption of our customers’ solution.” says Viktor Puš, CTO of Netcope. “The programmability of packet processing in P4, or using C language for description of low latency trading strategies, helps engineers integrate this new powerful card into their solution without the need of extensive knowledge of FPGA technology.” he adds.