Meet us at HPC for Wall Street and OSS


Our solutions are highly relevant in the world of finance and in the server community. The two conferences are dedicated precisely to these fields.

2016 HPC for Wall Street (April 4, New York) is the place where Wall Street IT professionals meet to discuss variety of topics connected to digital finance. One of these topics is HFT and algorithmic trading. We are going to take part in this discussion and we would be happy to meet anybody interested and talk about our unique low-latency solution for HFT and algorithmic trading, Tradecope. Furthermore, we can discuss features of the new upcoming version, Tradecope Generation 3.

Open Server Summit 2016 (April 13-14, Santa Clara) – The $50B server industry is about to experience some serious changes. OSS 2016 is where server operators, data service providers, ISPs and other IT professionals can get a glimpse of the future. But to build next-generation severs, you need next-generation hardware that is capable of handling the bandwidth, cleverly distributes traffic and saves power etc. Our high-performance FPGA Ethernet adapters offer elegant solutions to these challenges. If you are attending and want to learn more, visit booth #404.