Meet us at ISS and OFC


ISS World Middle East and OFC Conference are the places to be for those interested in network monitoring and security or high-speed Ethernet networking. We exhibit at both events.

ISS World Middle East (March 14-16, Dubai, United Arab Emirates) is all about innovation in cyber intelligence and electronic surveillance. But with increasing complexity and amount of data, these tasks are becoming more and more challenging. We are proud to say that our solutions take up to that challenge. Anybody is welcome to stop by our stand. We can discuss our brand new Netcope Session Filter (NSF), a smart solution for flow-based network filtering that runs on a powerful FPGA board. What NSF does is that it allows you to target the traffic of interest and drop the rest, which significantly accelerates DPI or other important tasks. If you hit us up and set up a meeting, we’ll give you a free ticket.
OFC Conference (March 20-24, Anaheim, California) is where the world talks optical networking and communication. The trend of 100G Ethernet slowly becoming the standard presents great deal of opportunities for backbone network operators, data service providers and others. But the increase of speed of data delivery comes for a price, i.e. increase in operational expenditures or energy consumption. Our high speed FPGA Ethernet adapters present elegant solutions to these problems. At booth #3662 we’ll be performing live demonstration during which we will achieve full throughput of 100Gbps data transfers between our FPGA-based programmable network interface board and a commodity server.
Read here for more information on how we have helped during the development of the first 100GE NetFlow/IPFIX probe in the world.