Netcope joins the P4 Language Consortium


We have joined the P4 Language Consortium, a community dedicated to standardization of one of the most innovative network technologies that has been developed in recent years.

Just like the P4 Language (Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors), the P4 Language Consortium has been founded by a bunch of former Stanford University professors who have also founded Barefoot Networks, a company dedicated mainly to development of P4-powered network chips. The main goals of the P4 consortium are the following:

  • Build a thriving open source community dedicated to the use and improvement of the P4 language.

  • Utilize P4 to describe how a forwarding plane should process packets.

  • Promote standardization and improvement of the P4 language

  • Enable industry participants to develop new technologies that function in accordance with the specification.

  • Benefit consumers and the industry by facilitating adoption of the P4 language.

At Netcope, we believe that P4 is without a doubt the next great milestone in the networking industry. The language itself is dedicated to the description of packet processing, it is agnostic to the underlying technology and thus it unlocks fully programmable data plane. We have developed P4 to VHDL compiler that helps us rapidly generate acceleration firmware for our customers’ desired network functions without the need of a hardware description language. This means that network functions required by our customers can be developed virtually on demand.

We are proud to join the ranks of Google, Huwavei, Xilinx, Cisco and others who are not afraid to embrace this brave new world of fully programmable networking, a world that seemed so distant and impossible to reach before the development of the P4 language.