Netcope Participates in an Academic Project Crypto 100


Netcope Technologies takes part in a joint research project of Brno University of Technology and the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.

The official title of the project is Cryptographic privacy protection in 100GbE networks. The project deals with the security of high-speed data communication for critical infrastructure. The main result is the cryptographic protection system for high-speed network devices operating at 100 Gbps speeds. The system combines strong encryption of data traffic through the FPGA network interface card and hardware-protected elements (smart cards) for storing encryption keys and performing critical cryptographic algorithms.

The system offers various potential use cases. The main beneficiaries are most likely going to be large enterprises that have many branches and subdivisions distributed around the globe. The system will allow them to perform transmission of encrypted data on high-speed networks, while only 2 appliances will be required: one at the transmitting end and one at the receiving end.

The project is mutually beneficial for both Netcope and Brno University of Technology. The university benefits from Netcope staff’s know-how to work with high-speed networks. Netcope benefits because of the access to the research experience of the academic staff that many companies do not have and the opportunity to participate in a development of a system that is likely to become a standard on the network security market of the future.