Netcope Scores in top Czech Competition for Innovators


On November 22 Netcope has won the Industria category for “the Most important innovative technology developed”. The name of the competition is the Česká hlava (“Czech Brain”).

The Česká hlava competition is sponsored by the Government of the Czech Republic, it is awarded annually, and it is the most prestigious award researchers and scientists can receive in the Czech Republic. Several intellectuals headed by Arnošt Lustig and Antonín Holý have founded this competition 15 years ago in order to give spotlight to technical intelligence that greatly contributes to the prosperity of the country. 

The competition is colloquially referred to as “the Czech Nobel Prize” and it has the following subcategories: the National Award of the Government of the Czech Republic, The Invention Award of the Kapsch Company, the Industria Award of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Doctorandus award for Technical Sciences and the Doctorandus Award for Natural Sciences. Netcope in cooperation with CESNET (Czech NREN) has secured award in the Industria cathegory for the development of the world’s first 100GE capable FPGA-based network interface card.

The 100G NIC was developed in DMON100, a collaborative project of Netcope and CESNET financially backed by TACR,  Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. It has been made generally available in fall of 2015 as NFB-100G1. The card has since been improved upon in various ways and tested in the field in various use cases. Today the next generation of the card is available as NFB-100G2 with either CFP4 or QFSP28. Browse our product page to learn more.