Netcope Technologies introduces a new FPGA-based network interface board


Netcope Technologies, the former FPGA department of INVEA-TECH, is proud to announce a new FPGA-based network interface card, the HANIC-100G2.

The card is an evolution of our current HANIC-100G card and introduces significant changes along with innovated design. The single CFP2 interface has been replaced with two CFP4 interfaces offering higher density and lower price while maintaining best-on-market wire-speed performance. It also enables new use cases, such as smart load balancing of two 100G links or interconnection of two 100G2 cards. The reworked heatsink allows lower temperatures and better fit into various models of servers.

With appropriate optical transceivers, 1x100G, 2x40G and 8x10G modes are available. This enhances flexibility and investment protection for those who plan to update their 10G infrastructures to 40G or even 100G Ethernet. The card is programmed to capture and filter packets according up to 8000 L3-L4 filtering rules. The sustained throughput to memory is full-duplex 100Gbps even for the shortest frames via both proprietary interface and Intel DPDK.

The first live demonstration of the new card toke place during the Supercomputing 15 at Xilinx (NASDAQ:XLNX) booth #381.

Features and benefits of HANIC-100G2:

  • sustainable 100Gbps throughput to SW

  • upport of 100G, 40G and 10G Ethernet technologies

  • higher density and lower price

  • support of Intel DPDK and proprietary zero-copy API

Netcope Technologies is the only vendor providing a solution with sustainable 100Gbps transfers between a network interface card and a host server over PCI Express bus, we enable our customers to deploy applications based on DPDK on 100G, 40G, and 10G networks with zero packet loss at all packet lengths. You can see the results in the report of performance measurements conducted by CESNET.