Netcope Session Filter is now generally available


Netcope Technologies announced a general availability of hardware-accelerated session processing solution – Netcope Session Filter (NSF).

NSF in-hardware processing is capable of maintaining flow state information for every network flow and perform actions configured by software on the per-flow basis. Therefore, it is possible to finely control traffic flowing to monitoring software by dropping for example multimedia streams on the hardware level. Such drop or any other action is configured by software application after analysis of few first packets of a session. NSF is a great solution to accelerate any network monitoring or DPI solution.

Furthermore, NSF is now available on our latest generation of FPGA-based network interface cards with two CFP4 ports and PCI-E gen3 x16 interface allowing for monitoring of 10G, 40G or 100G networks depending on optical module that is connected – no change of the card needed.