We have hired a tech-dev veteran Viktor Puš to become the person in charge of our product development strategy, solidifying our position of a technological leader.

Since our former CTO Petr Kaštovský recently became CEO, we had to fill the vacancy to ensure the development of our products remains at the top of the game. Viktor Puš has been cooperating with Netcope from his position of a development team leader in CESNET (Czech NREN), so picking him to become the head of our development team was a no brainer.

As far as his credentials go, Viktor has a pretty impressive career behind him. He holds a Ph.D degree from Brno University of Technology, where he focused on Packet Classification Algorithms. For almost 10 years he has been leading the R&D team at CESNET, cooperating with us on many projects, including the development of world’s first 100G network interface card.

Apart from his career at CESNET, Viktor has always been one foot in the academic world, leading seminars at Brno University of Technology. He has published a number of research articles, mainly with focus on packet processing with the use of FPGA technology. He also holds several prestigious scientific and engineering awards. On top of that, Viktor is an owner of several patents.

“Viktor is a natural thought leader who stands behind several concepts that are used in our products.” says our CEO Petr Kaštovský “When he decided to make the next step in his career towards commercial applications of R&D results, we were ready to offer him CTO position in Netcope. It is fantastic to have him on board!”

Viktor comments on his decision to take up the CTO challenge with the following words: “For me it is a great honour and opportunity to become part of the Netcope team. Their tireless pursuit of not just breaking throughput and latency barriers, but also making their technological achievements available to the market is something to admire. Moreover, Netcope has recently announced their new low profile 200 Gbps board with the newest generation FPGA chip, which strengthens their technological leadership, and promises new levels of performance in network acceleration.” 

Last but not least, Viktor has recently finished writing a whitepaper on Open vSwitch acceleration with FPGA and on mathematical modeling of high bandwidth systems. We will be publishing them in the following weeks, so stay tuned!