Petr Kaštovský Will Give a Talk at NFV & Zero Touch World Congress about the Future of Telco Network


Petr Kaštovský will take part in a panel discussion on Innovation in Telecom Networking, NFV & Zero Touch World Congress.

The future of network functions lies in the virtual layer. But virtual network functions still need physical machines to run on. The beauty of these machines is that when assembled right, they are so convenient to manage that a single network operator can work with thousands of them.

It is in no small part due to a combo of P4 language and FPGA based hardware accelerators. Petr will take part in panel discussion covering Innovation in Telecom Networking. There he will talk about how we have been able to channel strengths of P4 and FPGA into a cloud service. We call this service Netcope P4 and it makes it possible to program the network like software, unlocking the power of FPGA chips to many more from the ranks of networking professionals.. He will also cover potential use cases like IPv6 Segment Routing, In-Band Network Telemetry, Virtual Switch Acceleration and others.

PANEL – Innovation in Telecom Networking
17:20, April 25, 2018

Petr Kaštovský | The Head of US Operations | Netcope Technologies
Amrit Hanspal | VP, Product Management | netElastic
Chaired by: Tim Doiron | Principal Analyst, Practice Lead, Intelligent Networking | ACG Research

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