Read a Whitepaper on IDS Acceleration using Netcope Session Filter


Our long-term research partner CESNET has achieved impressive results in Suricata acceleration with NSF. Learn more about this and two other IDS use cases.

In today's day and age, it is necessary for large enterprise information infrastructure to be thoroughly protected and monitored. The faster and more complex the network, the harder this process gets. Netcope Session Filter is a solution that accelerates Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) via flow shunting - dropping safe traffic in hardware and sending intrusion candidates to software for thorough inspection.

This whitepaper offers high-level overview of how this process functions, but also overview of three critical use cases: Picomasse's IPS200 acceleration, PF-RING support and Suricata acceleration. It also contains more detailed overview of the Suricata acceleration measurement.

Read the whitepaper here.