Read whitepaper on In-band Network Telemetry on 100G with P4


Netcope demonstrates high degree of effectivity in building a production-ready solution through a clever mix of of hardware-accelerated probe and a network monitoring software.

Abstract: This document explains how the power of the P4 language and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) can be combined to achieve unprecedented time to market in the high bandwidth networking domain. Netcope P4 to FPGA Compiler (NP4) is used to generate a 100 Gbps network probe for datacenter traffic carrying In-band Network Telemetry (INT) headers. While the original traffic (with INT headers stripped away) is forwarded to its destination at wire speed, INT headers are processed, stored and visualized by the Flowmon Collector, a leading commercial platform for network traffic analysis and visibility. The final solution is a clever mix of hardware-accelerated probe and mature network monitoring software, all put together with no need for HDL coding.

Download the whitepaper here.