Read Whitepaper on Open vSwitch acceleration using FPGA


Open vSwitch is a project that carried the NFV concept from its lab-only stage to the mainstream. And it can also be accelerated using FPGA technology.

Open vSwitch (OVS) fully deserves its reputation of being one of the most interesting and important open source projects. But the acceleration functions (such as cryptography, DPI, or even simple hardware packet filtering) are not generally available to virtual machines through the OVS, the applications that make use of hardware acceleration are typically built as standalone hardware boxes. Vendors and users are forced to make a decision: Use the flexible and future-proof virtualized platform with OVS, but with limited performance and no access to hardware acceleration, or run in the old-fashioned, less flexible non-virtual mode at high speed, with the use of various hardware accelerators.

With our network interface accelerators, we are bridging the gap between the world of the fast but inflexible dedicated machines and flexible but not so fast white boxes. To do that we use a mix of technologies like SR-IOV, DPDK and P4, all run on Xilinx’ latest FPGA chip UltraScale+. The result is a flexible virtualization-enabled hardware acceleration platform that is still capable of maintaining a very high throughput.

Download the whitepaper here.