Read whitepaper on Overcoming the Bandwidth Limitations of PCI Express


With our PCI-E FPGA cards, we have managed to overcome the PCI-E bottleneck. This means substantial cost savings for network operations, see calculations in the whitepaper.


It is estimated that the global Internet traffic was 96 ExaBytes per month in 2016, and the expectation for 2021 is no less than 278 ExaBytes per month. These hard to imagine numbers correlate with the increasing speeds of individual connections. Current 100 Gbps Ethernet will soon get a four times faster brother. As one would expect, the demand for bandwidth drives the advances of the whole industry. CPUs, the brains of our connected world, are getting more processing cores and more RAM channels running at higher frequencies. And as usual, there are some bottlenecks in the ecosystem.

Read the whitepaper here.

Watch a video here.