Read Whitepaper on Segment Routing using P4 & FPGA Combo


We have built and documented a PoC of Segment Routing at 100G Using FPGA Smart NIC and P4 Language. Learn more in our whitepaper.

The technology of IPv6-based Segment routing (SRv6) is becoming more and more widely deployed. The deployment of CISCO Segment Routing technology on SoftBank’s 100GE networks is a strong evidence of the growth of this trend.

In our PoC, we focused on demonstrating the ability to quickly develop SRv6 acceleration for 100GE networks using an FPGA-based hardware accelerator and P4 programming language. Similarly to accelerating SRv6, other applications can be accelerated using this approach.

In our whitepaper you will find a high-level overview of our approach as well as particular examples of the P4 code.

Read the whitepaper here.


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