Tradecope Deployment Case Study


Our client has successfully deployed Netcope's FPGA platform even with no previous experience with this technology. Their latency was reduced to nanoseconds from microseconds, enabling them to enter into a new playfield in the stock markets and create a new revenue stream.

Deployment of Netcope’s FPGA Platform Created a New Revenue Stream for Trading Firm

A small proprietary trading firm deploys Tradecope to an Emerging Market Exchange and pioneers the use of the FPGA acceleration to increase the profitability of their trading strategy.

Who doesn’t get ahead gets left behind. Even if your trading strategy generates profit,shutterstock_1347105503-(1).jpg it is always good practice to think ahead and work on improvements. Especially when you know that you are not the biggest fish in the pond. And when your current technology of choice is a software-based trading platform, then it is clear where the biggest bottleneck for speed is. Even if you already have your own co-located server, low‑latency NIC, kernel bypass, and heavily optimized software stack as a base of your trades, you may get left behind. The next step in the evolution of your infrastructure is hardware acceleration. And here comes FPGA to save the day.
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