Tradecope post-release support - the art of staying on the top


An FPGA project is never finished. A successful deployment is hardly the end, it’s just a beginning. Every trading solution requires ongoing care and only continuous improvement can keep you on top so what comes after the release is an open-ended stage of post-launch care and scaling.

We at Netcope Technologies look for long-term partnerships with our clients so we are seeking to efficiently deliver superior and faster solutions every day and help them thrive amongst their competitors. This is achieved by being in touch on a day-to-day basis, via Slack or any other communication platform they may prefer to make sure we are as responsive as possible and scheduling regular calls for further planning discussions and gathering feedback.

We always anticipate changes and customizations. We have adapted the development process shutterstock_11964019451_1.jpgaccordingly so we typically release tens of new packages for our clients with tweaks or adjustments during the integration and deployment period. On average, we create and deploy about 10 new releases a month.

On top of systematically adding new features and improvements over time, we also provide advice in the decision-making process regarding the prioritization of future improvements and investments which make the best sense for the client’s specific FPGA project.

We have been doing this for quite some time now and we understand very well how to lower the latencies into the state of the art territory and still keep the desired flexibility necessary in today’s market. 

So if we piqued your interest and you would like to team up, let us know.
We would love to chat and get the FPGA ball rolling!