Netcope FPGA Boards

Netcope FPGA Boards (NFB), FPGA-based programmable network interface cards, are unique examples of symbiosis of state-of-the-art technologies fitting together in terms of achievable performance and throughput. Network link speed, performance of on-board network controller, throughput of PCI Express bus, performance of host system – these are all factors that influence the whole solution and we paid maximum attention to make all links of this chain as strong as possible.

NFB Product Brief  NFB-200G2QL Product Brief

High-performance hardware coprocessors

FPGA Boards

With our portfolio of FPGA-based NICs we cover all the latest network technologies: 100G, 40G, and 10G Ethernet. Moreover, single NIC can support more of them without any change in hardware. This is one of the amazing advantages of using FPGA technology – you can transparently upgrade your solution according to your transition plan by simply loading different firmware into on-board FPGA chip.

The FPGA cards are equipped with the latest PCI Express Gen 3 bus. 100G variants have x16 wide PCI Express interface and in combination with support of PCI Express bifurcation feature, they are able to achieve sustainable throughput of more than 100Gbps to host system. Learn more in the Xilinx blog.

Features & Components

  • PCI Express half-length & full-height form factor

  • PCI Express Gen 3 x16/x8 host interface

  • Multiple CFP4/QSFP28/CFP2/QSFP+ network interfaces

  • Support of 100G, 40G, and 10G Ethernet

  • PPS (pulse per second) input for precise hardware timestamping

  • Xilinx Virtex 7 Series FPGA chip

  • QDR/DDR memories


  NFB-200G2QL NFB-100G2Q / NFB-100G2C NFB-40G2
Network interfaces 2×QSFP28 2×QSFP28 / 2×CFP4 2×QSFP+ 
Modes of each interface 1×100G / 2×50G / 1×40G / 4×25G / 4×10G 1×100G / 1×40G / 4×10G 1×40G / 4×10G
Ethernet Standards 100GBASE-SR4 / LR4 /ER4
25G / 50GBASE-SR*
40GBASE-SR4 / LR4 / IR4
100GBASE-SR4* / LR4 /ER4
40GBASE-SR4 / LR4 / IR4
40GBASE-SR4 / LR4 / IR4
PCI Express bus  Gen 3 x16 + x16 (128 + 128Gbps) Gen 3 x16 (128Gbps) Gen 3 x8 (64Gbps)
FPGA chip Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ Xilinx Virtex-7 HT Xilinx Virtex-7 XT 
On-board memories  No QDR / 3×72Mb QDRIIIe SRAM / 3×288Mb QDRIIIe SRAM 3×72Mb QDRIIIe SRAM 2×72Mb QDRII+ SRAM
2×4GB DDR3
Time synchronization pulse per second
pulse per second
pulse per second
PCI Express form factor Half length
Low profile
Half length
Full height
Half length
Full height

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