Netcope Development Kit

Netcope Development Kit is a toolset for rapid development of hardware-accelerated network applications based on Netcope FPGA Boards. It is based on a sophisticated build system and a collection of IP cores and software. It offers a comprehensive environment that enables prototyping of an application in the shortest time possible, which is an invaluable feature for solution vendors, integrators and R&D teams.

Product Brief  Features

High Performance & easy development

NDK is a unique development framework, since all of its parts are designed to achieve the highest performance for processing 100Gbps traffic. It truly does not limit you in any way. Its out-of-the-box features significantly shorten the process of design, simulation, synthesis and analysis. With NDK, you can focus on key parts of your application bearing your know-how. It will handle repetitive tasks including communication over the network and PCI Express bus and with memories.
Device drivers for Linux OS make all specific features like PCI Express bifurcation transparent to the user and provide standard Linux network interfaces. API for fast packet transfers between the FPGA and the software application is highly optimized to access packet data without unnecessary copies (zero-copy), leaving valuable CPU cycles and memory bandwidth for user applications (near-zero CPU load). In addition, standard APIs like Intel DPDK and PCAP are supported.
The firmware counterpart of the software API provides a straightforward means of communication with the software application. There is no need to study complex interfaces. Onboard FPGA components are interconnected through unified an AXI4-Stream compatible bus extended to support full 100Gbps throughput.


  • Development of hardware-accelerated network applications for FPGA-based boards

  • Designed to the reduce time-to-market of solutions

  • Rapid design-simulate-synthesize-analyze flow

  • Simple project management

Hardware Support

  • Compatible with all Netcope FPGA Boards

  • 100G, 40G, and 10G Ethernet

  • PCI Express Gen3 x16 with bifurcation

  • DDR/QDR memories

What's Included

  • Easy-to-use build system

  • Firmware and software building blocks

  • OS drivers and development libraries

  • Working example of a NIC with full 100Gbps throughput to SW

  • Comprehensive documentation and Quick Start Guide

Build System

  • Sophisticated build system with primary goal of user transparency and development efficiency

  • Total control over the process of design, simulation, synthesis, and analysis

  • Firmware generated by running a single command

  • Checkpoints generated for analysis with Xilinx Vivado GUI

  • Easy scriptable & Tcl-based

Building Blocks

  • Firmware blocks

    • Ethernet MAC IP Core (100GE, 40GE, and multiple 10GE network interfaces)

    • PCI Express IP Core with DMA engine (Gen3 x16 with bifurcation support for 100G models, Gen3 x8 for 40G and 10G models)

    • Memory controllers (DDR/QDR memories)

  • Software blocks

    • Linux-compatible OS drivers

    • API for high-speed data transfers to host memories

    • API for configuration purposes

  • Additional IP cores of Netcope Technologies available


Use Cases​

  • Hardware-based network traffic generators

  • ​Encryption/decryption of network traffic

  • Stateless and stateful traffic filtering

  • Network functions virtualization (NFV)

  • Low latency electronic trading

  • High Performance Computing

More Information

NDK integrates with high-level languages, such as Vivaldo HLS or Catapult C. It has been used for the development of Netcope Packet Capture, Netcope Session Filter and Tradecope. Download the product brief or contact us to learn more on how NDK can be applied to provide an adequate solution to challenges your enterprise might be facing. We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!


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