Netcope Packet Capture

Netcope Packet Capture (NPC) is a packet capture solution that leverages a hardware platform composed of Netcope FPGA Boards to provide superb features in terms of wire-speed packet processing, filtering-based packet manipulation and throughput to the host system. The standard PCI Express form factor makes it suitable for commodity multi-core servers. Multiple cards can be plugged into a single server to build a high-density solution.

Product Brief  Features

Packet Capture

A high-performance network solution for wire speed packet capture

The solution comes with a hardware filter that supports up to eight thousand filtering rules. L3 and L4 header fields can be used to express conditions. Corresponding action can transfer a packet to the host system, send it to an output network interface, or drop it. Intelligent transfer to the host system can be used to distribute traffic over CPU cores based on hashing in flow-aware fashion.

NPC can be deployed with standard applications as it supports Intel DPDK, PCAP, and Linux network interfaces. It also includes zero-copy API for high-speed transfers to the memories of the host system and configuration and control API. Basic actions like receiving and transmitting sample traffic or storing and replaying traffic from PCAP files can be achieved with the included command-line tools.

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  • Models for 100G, 40G, and 10G Ethernet available

  • Wire-speed traffic processing including the shortest packets
  • Interconnection of two cards to achieve overall throughput of 200Gbps to software with load balancing

  • Precise hardware timestamping with nanosecond precision

  • RMON statistics on each network interface

  • Optional traffic sampling

  • IP fragmentation handling

  • Filtering based on MAC addresses

  • Field upgradable

  • High-density

  • Traffic classification based on up to eight thousand L3 & L4 rules

    • IPv4/IPv6 addresses and prefixes

    • L4 protocol (TCP/UDP)

    • TCP/UDP ports

  • Traffic processing based on classification

    • Traffic filtering and cropping

    • Forwarding to an output port

    • Intelligent distribution over multiple CPU cores (flow-aware, based on hashing packet header fields)

  • Support of Intel DPDK, PCAP, and Linux network interfaces

Use Cases

  • Acceleration of flow monitoring (NetFlow/IPFIX)

  • Acceleration of IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems)

  • Acceleration of ADS (Anomaly Detection Systems)

  • Lawful interception & data retention

  • DDoS mitigation

  • ​Traffic recording/replaying

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Netcope Packet Capture is available for 100G, 40G, and 10G Ethernet technologies. Download product briefs to learn more or contact us if you prefer to discuss your needs directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!

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