Enterprise Network Security

Big enterprise networks represent large demanding environments and large demanding environments are prone to failure due to their complex nature. In such environments, reliable and secure network is paramount, because enterprises' bottom line may suffer due to downtime, data breaches or even lawsuits for Service Level Agreement violations. However, even on the fastest 100G networks, such risks can be mitigated by employing 100G real-time traffic monitoring solution.


Since 100G is too much for a CPU to handle, relying on software-based solutions for 100G real time traffic monitoring is too costly and inefficient. Fortunately, there is a way to accelerate the solution on a hardware level without the loss of programmability and scalability:smart  FPGA-based network interface cards. With the right firmware, you can offload the traffic of no interest (which can reach up to 64% of total bandwidth, see our case study for more), while only intrusion candidates are sent to software, where they are examined further.

Netcope Session Filter and Netcope Packet Capture are hardware+firmware bundles that can do exactly this. With these Netcope’s products, the software application remains the same, while the traffic is filtered and offloaded in hardware. All this at wire-speed even on the shortest packets and at the level of IP flows, meaning you can select which packets with the same IPV4/IPV6 address are to be offloaded (typically real-time entertainment like Netflix or Youtube videos) and which are to be forwarded to software for detailed analysis.

Explore more Netcope products

Netcope Packet Capture (NPC)

Netcope Packet Capture (NPC)

Learn more about the network solution for wire-speed, low-latency packet processing.

Netcope Session Filter (NSF)

Netcope Session Filter (NSF)

Learn more about Netcope's powerful session-oriented packet capture solution.

Netcope FPGA Boards (NFB)

Netcope FPGA Boards (NFB)

High-performance appliances designed for the development of hardware-accelerated applications.

Netcope Success Stories


NSF-100G2-Picomass-Netcope Network Traffic Monitoring

Picomass uses Netcope Session Filter in the IPS200 DPI solution because NSF is capable of offloading traffic to hardware. This makes real-time DPI on 100G networks possible.

Flowmon Networks

Flowmon Networks Network Traffic Monitoring

Flowmon Networks aims to develop a new generation of NetFlow/IPFIX probes that can monitor and process traffic of 100GE high-speed networks. Because of that, Flowmon Networks needs to find a network card that would be able of handling 100 GE monitoring requirements.

U.S. trading firm deploys Tradecope

U.S. trading firm deploys Tradecope Electronic Stock Trading

For successful trading on electronic exchanges today, it is not enough to come up with the smartest strategy anymore. Learn more about how U.S trading firm deployed FPGA-based Tradecope solution to increase hit rate of the trading strategy.

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