Network traffic classification & filtering

A computer network serves as a means of transportation for different types of services. Each service needs a different way of processing traffic, so it is necessary to distinguish between them. This is the task of a network traffic classifier. Classification itself can be based on the information extracted in the packet header decoder.


Network traffic classification can be implemented in many ways, but the environment of high-speed computer networks necessitates wire-speed traffic processing even of the shortest packets that can be transferred over an Ethernet link. This can hardly be achieved without hardware processing and usage of special hardware-oriented algorithms such as hashing or an optimized trie structure for longest-prefix match.

Netcope Technologies provides these IP cores integrated with its firmware and ensures wire-speed traffic classification. These IP cores for network traffic classification can also be used as a part of P4 language description to generate customized firmware that perfectly matches the customer’s needs.

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Netcope Success Stories


NSF-100G2-Picomass-Netcope Network Traffic Monitoring

Picomass uses Netcope Session Filter in the IPS200 DPI solution because NSF is capable of offloading traffic to hardware. This makes real-time DPI on 100G networks possible.

Flowmon Networks

Flowmon Networks Network Traffic Monitoring

Flowmon Networks aims to develop a new generation of NetFlow/IPFIX probes that can monitor and process traffic of 100GE high-speed networks. Because of that, Flowmon Networks needs to find a network card that would be able of handling 100 GE monitoring requirements.

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