P4 language

With increasing complexity of current computer networks, it is necessary to accommodate more complex and flexible ways of control mechanisms to forward and route traffic. Software-defined networking (SDN) tried to solve the situation by splitting network traffic between control and data plane. However, it soon became limited in terms of flexibility, mainly of data plane that is realized in hardware.
P4 language was designed in order to overcome these limitations and allow data plane on network devices to be configured according to current needs and workload.


P4, as a high-level programming language for description of packet forwarding planes, is defined as target independent, protocol independent and field reconfigurable. It supports many both software and hardware platforms to be used on, it allows to use custom protocol stacks and change the functionality of a device without its replacement. P4 features specialized constructs for manipulating network traffic including parser, match and action tables, deparser, support of extern blocks to incorporate custom algorithms and many others.

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The topic that is currently being discussed a lot is the interaction between data plane and control plane. There are a couple of types of APIs. Local APIs serve for interaction within a device. They are not standardized and are either auto-generated, i.e. specific for a particular P4 program, or program-independent, i.e. they are stable and do not change with the change of the P4 program. Another group are remote APIs for data plane and control plane being separate on different devices. In order to satisfy this need, P4 Language Consortium works on P4 Runtime.

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