Lawful Interception

Thanks to the internet, we all live in an interconnected global village. Therefore, it is all the more important to prevent data breaches and put a stop to malicious activity before it is too late. Because it is no longer possible to tell which data flow in the network from TCP/UDP port numbers, many security vendors have developed solutions using deep packet inspection (DPI), which provides a suitable means of detecting security threats. A problem that security vendors are currently facing nowadays is the deluge of data that high-speed networks bring. For this reason, it is necessary to deploy a solution that accelerates the DPI process.


Aggregated network traffic structure for North and South America. Source: Global Internet Phenomena Report: North America and Latin America, Sandvine

Even the best DPI software is useless when the server it is running on does not have enough processing power to detect intrusion candidates because it wastes its performance on inspecting traffic that is uninteresting for DPI, such as YouTube and Netflix videos. In order to free up valuable CPU cycles, accelerate DPI and ensure real-time protection, it is necessary to offload preprocessing of the traffic to the hardware before it goes to the software.

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Netcope Session Filter is a solution that is capable of filtering the traffic in hardware on a per-session basis (a YouTube video stream, an email session, a VoIP call), while a session is a sequence of packets with the same source and destination IP address, L4 protocol or TCP/UDP ports or, optionally, other fields. Thanks to this type of traffic preprocessing, real-time DPI is becoming a reality even in 100G networks.

Netcope Products Offer:

  • Ready-to-use firmware with wire-speed hardware filters:

    • Stateless for traditional LI (L3 and L4 header fields)

    • Stateful for flow-based LI (L4 network flows)

  • Full 100Gbps RX throughput to SW

  • Support for multiple technologies on a single card (100/40GE + 10GE)

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Flowmon Networks Network Traffic Monitoring

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